Master of Sustainable Forest Management

A New Path to Becoming an RPF

The Master of Sustainable Forest Management (MSFM) program provides students who have a bachelor’s degree in ecology, physical geography, environmental sciences, forestry or allied disciplines, opportunities for advanced scholarship and professional growth in natural resource management principles and practice. It prepares students for careers as forestry professionals in North America and overseas, and sets the stage for life-long learning.

The MSFM is accredited by the Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board (CFAB). This enables graduates to apply to become Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) with member agencies of the Canadian Federation of Professional of Professional Foresters Associations (CFPFA), including the Association of BC Professional Foresters.

MSFM graduates meet the demonstrable competencies of the seven academic standards approved by the CFPFA.

The seven standards are:
1. Tree and stand dynamics
2. Forest to landscape: structure, function and dynamics
3. Forest management
4. Economics and administration of forestry
5. Leadership skills: communication and critical reasoning
6. Information acquisition and analysis
7. Professionalism and ethics.

Graduates of this program will know how to design and implement site and landscape level plans that integrate the environmental, social and economic components of sustainability.

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Employer Testimonials:
  • “I have recently hired a graduate from the Master of Sustainable Forest Management and have been very happy with the forestry background and skills provided by the program. The graduate was proficient in report writing, forestry computer applications, and exposure to field based projects including but not limited to data collection, data analysis, and prescription and plan writing. The individual has adapted to our business environment building on the foundations of the program’s team building and group project experience. I have found the program exposes students to a broader range of forestry related skills which are more suited to my business and would highly recommend hiring an MSFM graduate.”
    - Bruce A. Blackwell, MSc, RPF, R.P. Bio.  B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd., North Vancouver, BC
  • “Meeting the six MSFM students that worked on our project gave me a renewed optimism about the future of Forestry in BC. The group approached the project with open minds and came up with some thoughtful and innovative solutions that we have implemented and will continue to in future projects. I was so impressed I hired one of the students to be my assistant and hopefully in the near future my replacement.  He has taken on a lot of responsibility in a very short time and brought with him computer skills that I hadn’t imagined, a very analytic mind, and a very thorough work ethic. I was also pleased to learn his team mates on the project all got jobs upon completion of the program, well done!”
    - Chris Waters, Manager of Fibre Supply, Vaagen Fibre Canada ULC